Aikido for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Aikido's physical training itself improves the teen’s physical health and coordination skills. When the teen’s life feels chaotic, the dojo can be a place of order and respect. The teen will learn how to use gentle power to solve problems rather than aggression or anger. There is also the opportunity to develop skills in leadership and mentoring. The spirit of non-competition in aikido can be a haven for teens who struggle in school. The practice of aikido improves concentration in all areas of life.

Community Service Graduation Requirements

OCBCAF offers teens an opportunity to earn community service credits for their time spent learning and mentoring other students through aikido. Earning credits and positioning yourself for the future in the process while serving a higher purpose makes pursuing service learning opportunities a win-win-win


Aikido Training with the Best

Train with your peers

Mentoring: Teacher-Student Relationship in Aikido

The lessons learned in aikido are practiced and passed on in a teacher-student relationship and offers teens an great opportunity to give back what they have learned to their juniors.  This role helps build self-development, confidence, coordination, and focus.  Through the enriching process, the teens learn about harmony, respect, and the rewards of helping one another.



Aikido Teen  Program

Empower your teen through aikido as they navigate the real world with more confidence, coordination, awareness, and  focus.

For teens ages 13-17

$25/class or inquire about our 3-month program

Fridays from 5:15 - 6:00 PM


Apply for the Teen Aikido Program Scholarship